“What most inspired me was the panelists’ humility – their willingness to admit they don’t have all the answers, yet are committed to learning from the women they work with.

I think it was empowering for the women who attended the event to learn that many male leaders are eager to support their careers and are open to feedback.”

Felicity Menzies
Step Forward Panel Facilitator and Principal and
CEO and Include-Empower.com

“I couldn’t be more excited about the role and contribution WGA is playing in bringing into focus the untapped potential of empowering and developing women in in the industry.

This focus is importantly backed up by tangible and sincere efforts to educate and support both men and women to bring about the kind of change that is long overdue.

I welcome the involvement and support of all men in the industry who have both a responsibility and opportunity to empower and inspire women to reach their full potential.”

Andrew-Warren Smith
Managing Director, DDI Australia

“I had the pleasure of participating in the Male Leaders of Change Panel at the inaugural ‘Step Forward’ event. These events are essential to increase industry awareness and support the development and success of women in the gaming community.

It is vital that we recognise the importance of the WGA initiative to drive change and create a more attractive and inclusive industry.

We have a responsibility and opportunity to support, empower and inspire women to reach their potential and I encourage as many men and women as possible working in the Gaming Industry to contribute to, and participate in this important initiative.”

Chad Barton
Group Chief Financial Officer,
The Star Entertainment Group