Research has identified mentoring as a critical part of both professional and personal development for women in the workplace. There is significant value of two-way learning and a multitude of benefits women can experience from mentoring and being mentors. 

A 2017 study conducted by Moving Ahead, in collaboration with Deloitte, encompassed more than 6,000 people across 40 major UK organisations and showed that when mentoring was done well, it created 11 key benefits.

These included empowering and developing confidence, creating empathetic leadership, developing core transferable skills and accelerating culture change.

As one of the WGH focus areas is to foster the continual professional development of women through mentoring, training, scholarships and awards, we were thrilled to partner with Women Ahead, a social enterprise founded with the belief that parity between men and women will benefit individuals, organisations and society.

As part of this partnership, WGH members were offered the opportunity to participate in a cross-company, cross-sector mentoring scheme. Three mentors and three mentees were selected to participate in the program.

WGH will be continuing this partnership and the next program intake will be in 2020.