Women in Gaming Australasia (WGA) is dedicated to empowering women working in, or looking to work in, the thriving and fast-paced Gaming industry.

Launched in May 2017, WGA supports the development and success of women in the industry through education, mentorship and networking opportunities.

Gender equality is an issue of global economic and social importance, and WGA recognises the economic and social benefits gender equality brings to both our industry and the women and men in our industry.

Empowering women creates an open space for employees to develop their skills, and a collaborative culture to promote the power of change. WGA contributes to this by providing professional development to members, raising awareness of women’s contribution to the industry, and identifying and removing barriers to increase opportunities for the advancement of women in gaming. With professional speakers, expert panels and dynamic discussion, WGA is providing a platform for women to continue to learn, develop and succeed in the gaming industry.

Become part of a community of women and men in the industry working together to ensure everyone can reach their true potential.